Currently we are participating in a group show in Rotterdam called "All you can ART' celebrating the ten year anniversary of the Caribbean cultural institute IBB. Earlier this year we were living and working on the island Curacao. We taught some 45 studenst at IBB. Our work is a crossover between art/politics and architecture... taking place in the Public Sphere- being public space & public- and social life. For the past five years we regularly work and visit Latin America and the Caribbean area. We initiate educational and cultural projects to exchange experience and knowledge on participatory processes in design and spatial planning. Recently we have been working in Lima (Peru), Moengo and Pikin Slee (Suriname) and currently in Willemstad (Curacao). We will return to Suriname and work in Pikin Slee in january 2016. Give us feedback on what you read and think, please!