drawing of our public debate, by Artist Papa Adama.
check out his website: http://www.papa-adama.com/

Check out this report of an artist that has recently collaborated with us,

It was agreat experience, thank you Robin!



kijk voor recente publicaties en interview, op Mister Motley,

zo-ie-zo een hele goede site over kunst en maatschappij!


en hier het live radio- interview:


en in de Groene Amsterdammer:



Kom praten, denken, roepen, twisten, fluisteren over kunst in onze samenleving!


uitnodiging, vrijdag 28 september 16.30 uur X helling, NDSM Amsterdam.
AAtalk#1 ism. R<A<M<P


met oa. Sebastian Olma, Bart en Klaar, Jaap Draaisma en U! Aanleiding is het recent verschenen boek: Art and Autonomy, past-present-future door Sebastian Olma.

Op deze vrijdagmiddag gaan we samen met de schrijver Sebastian in gesprek over zijn boek: over de motieven en achtergronden van het onderwerp. Dat koppelen we ook aan de beroepspraktijk van onszelf, waarmee het persoonlijk en concreet wordt.

Tevens plaatsen we ons gesprek ook in de lokale context op NDSM en verkennen we met elkaar toekomstperspectieven over de plaats en rol van de kunst in onze geindividualiseerde en neoliberale samenleving.

AA talk#1 is een cooperatie van Amsterdam Alternative met R<A<M<P, centre for post gentrification action research.

van harte WELKOM!!
Bart en Klaar

saturday july 7th at 1500 hrs R>A>M>P meeting #2

from labor TO leisure

Our essay for NDSM newspaper OPEN on gentrification at NDSM and in the city of Amsterdam. text in Dutch and English

grand-opening of R>A>M>P

9th of december 2017, opening of R>A>M>P at NDSM Amsterdam.

Saturday 9th of dec. we have an afternoon to catch up, to socialize, to speak and enjoy eachother.  Also it is the day that the doors open of our institute for Post Gentrification Action Research R>A>M>P.

We will show and tell about our past year activities and what is yet to come... Mister Sebastian Olma will help us with his discursive thinking... or will we close shop right away?

anyway come and joing us!!




Make Art Not Euro, article in dutch newspaper NRC about the value of art.

City-displacement The Hague.

Very good and inspirational day and interesteing bus-tour together with artist/ activist in The Hague about city development and displacement. look for details:


The Social Buffet in Detmold.
About two weeks ago we were working in Detmold organising a peformance in and about public space. Our audience is our partner, without these participants there is no show. We are completely depending on their willingness to participate.
The social buffet is quite simple. In our studio in Amsterdam we have made twenty plywood-board that can be hung in front of your body, with a double function of a cutting board/ countertop and servingplate. So we ask people in the citycentre of a small town in Germany called Detmold, if they want to work with us for five minutes. We exchange rough ingredients (local produce), we cut and prepare this into a meal... and present it to each-other AND the public. Our group had become walking restaurant that can serve about eight meals each, to the passing public. The moment we realize this it becomes an amazing selforganising kitchen. The energy is great and the pedestrians look kind of bewildered... The meals are really good and tasty. The five minutes were stretched to about an hour of working and sharing and enjoying eachothers company. THIS is the force of our work/ to trust and to accept the other! To be open for exchange. The outcome amazes us, everytime....

Thank you very much for working with us Sigrun and Angelika. beautiful photos are by Birgit sanders.

Social buffet, with all people of Detmold

Last few weeks we are very busy working in several places. We are hardworking and very productive this year.

Our show: JUST PRACTICE in Breda is about to finish. We are already kindof nostalgic.

It is always funny to propose an 'alternative world' in and exhibition, but one of the agreements is, that at some point the show comes to and end. The world we proposed contunues into the next shape. But it is always strange to dismantle and deconstruct your own ideal alternative.... JUST PRACTICE has been the best thing we have done in years!

What is yet to come:                                                                                                 We are teaching a masterclass on Public Protest in Groningen. We are touring around in a bus with an 'únofficialtour about gentrification' and the spacial strategies of Albert Heijn in Den Haag. We are part of a documentary about the recent development around riverbank IJ in Amsterdam, a catalogue from our work is being printed right this moment soon to be published. More teachings with different groups of students working about social problems, about how to appropiate public space and in one word ... Not to come up with solutions but....To be POLITICAL!



exhibition JUST PRACTICE at artistrun space Club Solo, Breda.
Last Sunday was the opening of this overview of 15 years of work in spatial planning and contemporary art. the show is running for a month, up untill 8th of October, ... so Come and see!

MAY 2017, eating in the public space around transformed garbage containers: that is KOCHMOB, a workshop we did in Detmold, Germany with prof. Michel Melenhorst at the Hochschole Ostwestfalen – Lippe University of Applied Sciences

Checkout our CHINA BLOG soon..

 We were part of a group show in Rotterdam called "All you can ART' celebrating the ten year anniversary of the Caribbean cultural institute IBB. 

Earlier this year we were living and working on the island Curacao. We taught some 45 studenst at IBB. Our work is a crossover between art/politics and architecture... taking place in the Public Sphere-  being public space & public- and social life.

For the past five years we regularly work and visit Latin America and the Caribbean area. We initiate educational and cultural projects to exchange experience and knowledge on participatory processes in design and spatial planning. Recently we have been working in Lima (Peru), Moengo and Pikin Slee (Suriname) and currently in Willemstad (Curacao). 

Give us feedback on what you read and think, please!