2. feb, 2013

People are the planner/ el Pueblo es el planner)

 Workshop/ Taller

by Bart Stuart Klaar van der Lippe artist/activist/ architect from Amsterdam

Wednesday 6th of february at 9.00 am at Tupac.

language/idioma english/castellano

Reclaiming the city: how citizens can create the new city.

After decades of city planning through economy: “money is the planner”, it is now time to make changes: the people are the planner.

Klaar & Bart have years of experience in creating public spaces in Amsterdam and want to

work together with citizens of Lima to make strategies for the new city.

Program for Wednesday 6th of February:

location: roof terrace at Tupac.

Start at 9.00 with 'who is who'

excursion and urban pick nick.

Sharing ideas and making strategies

Work on concrete plans.

Come and work with us!!


and Giuseppe from Tupac.