29. jan, 2013

The deconstruction of the public sphere

The recent past of Peru can be best characterized by the neoliberal economic shock therapy, organized chaos and the rapid deminishing of the State as a caretaker. Health-care, free media, education and the independent arts are the victims.

Free trade but no free thinking. 

Since the mid eighties the 'independed position' became a scarse good. During this period of twentyfive years the state no longer took care of crucial ingredients for a healthy society and a vivid democracy. For instance good and accessible education for all and critical journalism to observe and reflect on the political system and how opportunities are equally distributed were carefully deconstructed.  

Some Peruvians find comfort in the fact that Fujimori got rid of the terrorism ofthe Lightning Path. What came to replace it though, was a utterly cruel and dark dictatorship. Check for instance the character of a mister Vladimiro Montesinos one of the main dark forces in this era.


Now some years later and most of the crooks behind bars, there is hope. The economy creates new opportunities and new leaders with good morals can inspire young people again, creating new rolemodels, for and by the people. The state needs to trust its citizens.


Only the media, like newspapers and televisionnetworks are not yet liberated out of the hands of dark forces. The common people get their news from reading mainly the front page at the newsstand. The papers keep making a fog with destructive lies. It confuses rather than informs the general population.


A big change will come if more journalists will be journalists again, and pursue the truth.


Every word will be a step in REbuilding the public sphere.








Check: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimiro_Montesinos